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Flexible Rental Terms

Short-Term Rentals
Rent a piano for a day, a few days, a few weeks, or even month to month. Our short term rental service is available at short notice. Our expert in-house movers and technicians work with you to ensure a perfect instrument for your short term rental needs. Contact Us

Long-Term Rentals
If you would like to rent a piano for several months or longer, we offer a wide selection of grands and uprights to fit your needs. Rent a small upright, large upright, or even a grand! Contact Us

Film, Television, and Theater Rentals
For the entertainment industry, we offer a wide selection of pianos in both traditional and modern styles. Whatever the occasion, you can be sure that Dallas Piano Rentals will deliver and pickup the instrument that is perfect for your event.

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Event Rentals (Weddings, Parties, Concerts)
We rent a range of superb digital, studio Uprights and Grand pianos with names like Young Chang, Perzina, Baldwin, and Yamaha. With our expert in-house movers and technicians we promise a perfect instrument for your event performance.

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Is available on request!

When You Need A Digital Stage Piano For Your Gig

Dallas Piano Rentals is The Choice Of Professionals

Our selection of digital pianos ensures that we have the right instrument to fit your needs.

Digital Stage Pianos

From a portable digital stage piano to a Digital Hybrid, we’ve got you covered, just pick up the phone and call.

The Big Recital

When your hours of practice need an accompianist, you might choose a Grand with a built in player, for note perfect practice.

That Special Day

Whether you need an acoustic baby grand in white, or a full on Grand, or a Hybrid to hook up to an amplifier to rock the wedding reception, Dallas Piano Rentals delivers, sets up, and picks up when the party is over.


Whether you’re gonna be rocking the house, or you’re singin the blues, we’ve got the piano you need.

Longer Term Rentals

If you are interested in a month to month rental arrangement, just give us a call.

Just a passing Fancy?

Your child wants to learn to play piano, but last week he or she wanted to be a Fireman or a Ballerina? Encourage your child by renting month to month, and if their interests change, we pick up the instrument!

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